Monday, November 17, 2014

Nines (Part 3)

Just another smattering of [nearly] perfect albums.

Alt J - An Awesome Wave: Time will out.

David Bowie - Low: Every song was an experiment. Underrated and always in Heroes' shadow, this is the better album of the two. Criticized for being "movie music," this, along with Eno and Fripp, was the beginning of ambient/new age music.  It still holds up, but definitely has the ability to alienate as well.

Weezer - Pinkerton: A more personal and stunning album than Weezer (The Blue Album), and so impeccably honest. The references to Madame Butterfly and the inferences with regard to Rivers' personal life push this release to the forefront.

T. Rex - The Slider: I remember when this album came out; the DJ on KMET in Los Angeles played it, then played it again!  Maybe it was KLOS. I have no proof. Phenomenal. I'd already heard "Get It On," and so T. Rex wasn't new to me, but this record, down to the cover (Mark Bolan in his tin pan (?) hat), meant everything to a wide-eyed eleven year old boy. Not a perfect album; darn close.

R.E.M. - Automatic for the People: Michael Stipe & Co. abandoned the idea of making a harder album following Out of Time; that he'd postpone until Monster, which doesn't compare.  This acoustic based album was subdued and beautiful; an album about life knowing death is there in the same room.   This is R.E.M.'s Rubber Soul, every song is spot on.  This is a personal ten, but remains an AM9 over its mid-tempo stall. 

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