Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Joe Cocker, 20 May 1944 – 22 December 2014

He wasn't handsome in a conventional sense; his voice was sandpaper and abuse; his contortions seemed as if he needed medical attention.  There wasn't a thing right about Joe Cocker from a conventional rock sense, but few artists topped the young singer's performance at Woodstock.  Of his contortions he said it was how he felt the music; it was how he imagined himself if he played a musical instrument.  "When I look at the old footage, I can't quite deal with it." 

But none of that mattered.  What mattered was the raw, pure emotion that reinvented songs like The Boxtop's "The Letter," Leon Russell's "Delta Lady," The Beatles' "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" and Dave Mason's "Feelin' Alright."  Joe Cocker was the last of the song stylists; indeed it is the end of an era.

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