Friday, December 12, 2014

Mix Tape - Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182

In 1999, two teens revolutionized the way we share and listen to music. They called it Napster.  Piracy and the RIAA aside, the Napster legacy is, for a music junkie, a different tragedy altogether.  While everyone feared that Napster would destroy the industry, the real tragedy was the deconstruction of the album format.  So much so that in 2009 Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins discarded the album concept completely with the ill-received/conceived Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project (now seemingly abandoned with the album length release Monuments to an Elegy).  Thankfully the LP is so fully engrained in our musical psyche that despite the audience shift, most bands steadied the course.

It wasn't easy being a new band in the naughts, but a handful pulled it off like it was My Aim is True.  Blink 182, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Story of the Year, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional; not a bad list at all, and some great LPs to buck the [new] system. Among the best: Taking Back Sunday's Where You Want to Be, Brand New's Your Favorite Weapon and Blink's Enema of the State.  Nonetheless, it is indeed the singles that I remember from the two grands. Here’s my mix tape:

1. Brand New, "Mix Tape" 
2. Taking Back Sunday, "This Photograph is Proof
3. Yellowcard, "Ocean Avenue"
4. Story of the Year, "Anthem of Our Dying Day," 
5. Dashboard Confessional, "Vindicated"
6. Blink 182, "I Miss You"
7. Something Corporate, "I Woke Up in a Car"
8. Straylight Run, "Existentialism on Prom Night"
9. Taking Back Sunday, "Decade Under the Influence"
10. Copeland, "Coffee"
11, Story of the Year, "Until the Day I Die"
12. Brand New, "Soco Amaretto Lime"

The last, a regular anthem: 

You're just jealous 'cuz we're young and in love...

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