Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another One - The Zombies

The Zombies' previous hits ("She's Not There" and "Tell Her No") were two of a kind: sad, keyboard driven rock anthems; Odessey and Oracle (sic) (AM6) shows a more complex, lyric side, and the revisionist hype surrounding it justifiably extols its virtues (particularly the AM10 single "Time of the Season").  Nonetheless, and despite the critics, only half the songs here are really wonderful; maybe a quarter of them stand up to Beach Boy or Beatle qualities; and one song, "Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)" is downright awful! The critical exuberance therefore is mindboggling - it just isn't Pet Sounds - still, Odessey and Oracle is worthy of much more than the obscurity that has been its fate (critical acclaim aside).  How this album has eluded so many people and why it doesn't rank with the likes of the Moodys' In Search of the Lost Chord or A Saucerful of Secrets is a mystery. So, go ahead, buy it, enjoy it; just don't expect Revolver.  It's not an AM10 or anywhere near, yet its obscurity is absurd.  This is timeless pop that in another era could have been a masterpiece.  As it is, Odessey and Oracle is neither important nor innovative, just another of those gems that slips between the cracks and shouldn't.

Here's but a band-aid, a do-over, an AM8: Odyssey and Oracle (note the corrected spelling):
  1. Tell Her No
  2. Care of Cell 44
  3. A Rose For Emily
  4. Maybe After He's Gone
  5. She's Not There
  6. Brief Candles
  7. Hung Up on a Dream
  8. Changes
  9. I Want Her, She Wants Me
  10. This Will Be Our Year
  11. Friends of Mind
  12. Time of the Season

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