Monday, January 26, 2015

The Jazz 60s

Go - Dexter Gordon. 

Released in 1962, this is Dexter's finest recording. Go is like the countdown to a rocket launch and Dexter is pretty much the epitome of a cool jazz cat with his style, looks, and playing. It practically evokes the feeling of being in a late night jazz club in New York in the 60's. (AM9)

Kind of Blue - Miles Davis. 

While it is one of the best selling jazz albums of all time , many consider this to be THE best jazz album of all time. This unrehearsed recording session from 1959 marks a great turning point in jazz history as well as showcasing the top form of some legendary musicians. Miles showed up to the Columbia recording studios with some rough melodies and chords jotted down. That's how he liked to do it, spontaneous and in the moment. Simple melodies over simpler chord progressions leaving room for the deep improvisational exploration in the spur of the moment. Incredible 50 years on. (AM10)

A Love Supreme - John Coltrane. 

This album completely revolutionized the jazz scene in 1965 and even today its influence can be found in many musical styles. Instead of showcasing the complex and dense harmonic post-bebop language he had developed with Davis and Monk, Coltrane plays over simple chords freely with raw spiritual passion. The four songs on this album convey emotions of anger, joy, sadness, ecstasy, tragedy and triumph. Truly Coltrane had come into his own and set the shape of things to come. (AM10)

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