Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Broken Frame - Depeche Mode (AM6)

Transitional? Certainly. DM had to wash off the Vince Clarke sugar-film and get an identity of their own, so excuse them momentarily (AM rarely critiques LPs of this caliber), and yet, damn, go ahead, exhaust yourself finding a better example of electro-quaalude-funk than "Leave In Silence" or "Secret Garden." Check out "The Sun and the Rainfall" and realize that here is a synth-pop band that will not be duplicated in their ability to find groove as vital as heartbeat and lasting as trauma. Yeah, we have hindsight on our side, so we say blah-blah things like "They got better,", but I have brain cells that were born the day I first listened to this album and still think "Shouldn't Have Done That" has a melody sweet enough to put my kids to sleep yet invoking an image like Hitler's stare. Yeah, they got better. But, person out there with a ten-spot to spend, so did sex. Would you give up your first experience just 'cuz your hundredth was transcendent? If you say "yes," then you just weren't ready for it, cupcake.

And for those of us lucky enough to have music like this in transition in our tweens and twenties, we need to praise whatever, whoever, lucky stars, down on our knees, thank you Lord that we had DM and The Cure (in transition), Joy Division begatting New Order. At times we look back and drop a pin - "I put this moment here" - and realize that this is the moment when we became who we would become. Me, I start here. Transitional? Certainly, washing off the sugar-film.

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