Monday, January 4, 2016

Rubber Soul - No. 1 LP - 50 Years Ago

This grainy unstretched, unaltered version of the Beatles as they appear on the Rubber Soul album cover didn't surface until 2013. "For the cover I wanted another angle of the group and an entirely different tonality - greens, browns and black, but with an almost monochrome look. The garden of John's house in Weybridge had the right elements - a high, dark green hedge and a grass knoll that sloped away steeply. This provided the background and the angle.

"When we came to look at the slides, the white card they were being projected on tilted slightly, distorting the image. The Beatles liked this effect and I subsequently found a way of matching it by having the image tilted in the enlarger and copied onto a larger transparency." - Robert Freeman, Beatles Photographer

The Capitol Release

The British Parlophone Issue

The Parlophone Back Cover

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