Wednesday, March 9, 2016

George Martin (AM10)

Anyone who denies The Beatles' impact and influence on modern music is an idiot. Yet The Beatles wouldn't exist without George Martin.  In 1962, George Martin was an engineer and producer at Parlophone responsible for classical releases as well as comedy and show music. Martin had little experience with pop music but was introduced to Brian Epstein after The Beatles were denied a contract with Decca Records. On February 13, 1962, Martin heard The Beatles for the very first time only to find them "unimpressive," yet nothing in music would ever again be the same.

Martin went on to produce nearly every recorded Beatles track, provided instrumentation such as the iconic harpsichord in "Eleanor Rigby," and was able to corral The Beatles in their most volatile time to record what many believe to be their shining moment, Abbey Road.  Martin produced 33 No. 1 singles, 27 of them by The Beatles. There is no one in rock music more influential than George Martin, who died today at the age of 90.