Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jack Wood and The House Party

Fifty years on we look at Rubber Soul and Revolver marveling at its brilliance, lucky to have experienced it over a lifetime. That's not always the case; indeed it's often we overlook brilliance, focusing instead on the expected or what's trendy. In 1966 it was far simpler to gloss over the sublime based on just how very much sublime there was. Thanks to the good folks at Bacardi (and that's not just a general accolade), we're all crazy for a 50 year old tune by Jack Wood called "Born to Wander." Bacardi has fashioned a reasonably unsafe looking house atop a speeding vehicle with a wild, rum driven, party in full; the aforementioned tune blaring on the stereo. Kind of like Pixar's Up for adults. "Born to Wander" was barely a blip on the radar in 1966 - how'd we miss it? This is like Roy Orbison all jacked up, full-tilt. Not much else to say but add it to the list.