Sunday, May 21, 2017

Oh, btw...

In 1967 the Bonzo Dog Band wrote "Death Cab For Cutie" for their album Gorilla and performed the Elvis-like tribute in The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour film. So, no, it was not pulling random words from a fish bowl; Ben Gibbard simply liked the obscurity of the name and the Beatles reference. Heaven 17's band name comes from the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange. Alex, our humble narrator, dressed to the nines, sweet-talks two teen devotchkas in front of the week's top tunes, one of them by The Heaven Seventeen. Duran Duran, as everyone knows, is the villain (Dr. Durand) from the Jane Fonda sci-fi classic (?) Barbarella. Modest Mouse wins the literacy award, though, taking their name from a passage in the Virginia Woolf story "The Mark on the Wall," which reads, "...and very frequent even in the minds of modest, mouse colored people..."

There, now you have something to talk about over dinner.