Monday, March 12, 2018

Back to California

Me by My Father
I grew up in L.A. A different L.A. than the one that's there now, but one that's a part of literary mythology; a mystique that invades everything from the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds to Anais Nin and Henry Miller, Steinbeck and Fitzgerald, Didion and Joni Mitchell.

My first published novel, Jay and the Americans, available on Amazon and Kindle (click on the link in the sidebar), is a fictional memoir of growing up on the best coast. It explores our fascination with cars and fast food, the beach, wealth, "swimmin' pools, movie stars" (if you get that allusion, you're a retro L.A. lover, like me). If you know that the best burgers are at Tommy's, the best hot dogs at Pink's, then you understand L.A. as a friend and character.

But California isn't only L.A., it's the Grateful Dead and Monterey Pop and Acid Tests and Disneyland. It's big giant trees and wine and earthquakes and Hitchcock and cars and girls. Growing up when I was little, no one was from L.A. Everyone was from somewhere "Back East." Someone at the time said that the world was tilted southwest and everything loose fell to California. If that's you or you'd like to take the whole California to a different level than we do here on AM, check out out Jay and the Americans or my new(er) novel Miles From Nowhere.

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