Sunday, July 1, 2018

Just a Tidbit on the No. 9

When you think of dreaming, you may not immediately picture numbers, yet those sheep from the commercial may come to mind. If you've been dreaming in numbers you may wonder, "What does the number 9 in a dream symbolize?"

 The number nine is unique because it consistently creates digits that add up to itself after multiplication. For example, 6 x 9 = 54, and 5 + 4 = 9. It is an interesting characteristic which can inspire someone to look at the number symbolically. Possible interpretations are:

Judgment: The actions you take always come back to you (karma).
Renewal: The number could represent the cycle of life or the repetition of history.
Beginnings: Although many changes have occurred, you return to the beginning.

The symbolism of the number nine relates to religion in many respects. The Savior died on the cross on the ninth hour. On the ninth of April, the First Temple of the Jews was destroyed and on the same day, five centuries later, the Second Temple of the Jews was destroyed. Hebrew writings maintain that God descended to Earth nine times.

The circle of life can also be an important factor in the symbolic nature of the number nine, and some cultures show this. Every nine years, the Romans held a feast to remember their dead. The ninth day was the end of the formal mourning period for ancient Hellenic burial rites.

So what does the number 9 in a dream symbolize? If you look at the cyclical nature of the number, many possibilities arise. People experience significant changes in their lives, but patterns often exist throughout. The number nine in dreams may symbolize the constants in your life; those aspects that remain the same in spite of change.

Are you seeing the number nine after putting forth great effort on an endeavor, or doing a good deed? Perhaps your dream is helping you work through the subconscious desire to see a positive outcome equal to your input. On the other hand, the number may represent apprehension for getting payback for a bad deed.

The number may show up in dreams representing renewal or rebirth. Perhaps you have just recovered from a serious illness, or you have been given a second chance in a relationship that is dear to you. Maybe a recent epiphany has changed your outlook on life, and the unconscious is literally figuring it out.

The notion that nine can represent going back to the beginning can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is comforting to return to the familiar; on the other hand, it can represent a fear of yielding the same results in spite of considerable effort. Some look at endings as opportunities, and they are necessary for new beginnings.

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