Friday, July 20, 2018

Relayer Comments

My comment that I would "go out on a limb" to state that Relayer was Yes' penultimate LP sparked a bevy of email; one that said, "You haven't gone out on a limb, you've fallen out of a tree." Another implied that my post "crumbled" the subjective nature of AM's purpose, that of being objective. Both (and there were others less kind), are fair. Readers questioned how Relayer could possibly be better than The Yes Album or Fragile. Noted. The post was indeed emotional rather than objective, and yet I stand by the notion that Relayer is a Yes highpoint and the one Yes LP that rocks like a caveman. That emotionalism may subside and I will "come to my senses, man," as one reader pleaded, but after sitting through Tales and then thoroughly enjoying Relayer in succession, one may see my point. Others of you commented on my negative statements about Rick Wakeman. Though I stand by them, they were pointedly focused on Tales and not on Wakeman, the real Wakeman, and not the one who found more interest in Indian Take Out than his job, you know, as Rock's Gandalf.

I will mention, though, that the poem on the gatefold of the LP is just plain dumb.

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