Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What's Her Name, Virginia Plain

Virginia Plain - Roxy Music (AM10)

Lead singer Bryan Ferry took the song's title from a painting he did as an art student titled "Virginia Plain." It featured a huge pack of Virginia Slims cigarettes with a picture of Andy Warhol superstar Baby Jane Holzer standing in the middle of a plain. How could there not be a song in that?

Make me a deal and make it straight
All signed and sealed, I'll take it

To Robert E. Lee I'll show it

I hope and pray he won't blow it cuz

We've been around a long time

Trying, just trying, just trying to make the big time

Take me on a roller coaster
Take me for an airplane ride
Take me on a six day wonder, but don't you
Don't you throw my pride aside, besides
What's real and make-believe?
Baby Jane's in Acapulco, we are flying down to Rio

Throw me a line, I'm sinking fast
Clutching at straws, can't make it
Havana sound we're trying
A hard edge, a hipster jiving
Last picture show's down the drive-in
You're so sheer, you're so chic, teenage rebel of the week

Pictures of the mountain streamline
Midnight blue casino floors
Dance the Cha-Cha through till sunrise
Opens up exclusive doors, but
Just like flamingoes look the same
So me and you, just we two, got to reach for something new

Far beyond the pale horizon
Somewhere near the desert strand
Where my Studebaker takes me
That's where I'll make my stand, but wait!
Can't you see her Holzer mane?
What's her name?
Virginia Plain

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