Monday, September 10, 2018

Pin Ups - Bowie

Pin Ups was conceived as a way to introduce Bowie's audience to songs recorded by fellow English acts, including Pink Floyd, The Mojos, Them, Pretty Things and The Easybeats. "These songs are among my favorites from the '64-'67 period of London," he wrote in the liner notes.
These weren't the artists that first made him pick up a guitar, but his friends and contemporaries. While Bowie wasn't the first to release a covers album, Pin Ups was one of the earliest by a rock artist, and to this day, one of the best. Why? Even if it didn't represent the last studio album by his classic backing band, The Spiders from Mars, Bowie didn't just go for the easy score. No, he (they) Ziggy'd the hell out of every track, enveloping each song in starman charisma and panic-in-Detroit urgency.
And Bowie being Bowie didn't pick the obvious hits either. With studio technology unavailable to the original artists, including multitrack recording and stacks and stacks of Marshall amps to give it that signature Spiders glam-metal punch, you might mistake this for another Bowie story cycle.

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