Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Update - AM on the Radio

AM has been going strong now for more than four years. Thanks to our loyal readers, we've been able to present modern music in a positive format that allows us to wallow in the history of rock music from the mid-60s to today. We're taking another step now by bringing AM to the radio. Check us out at Daybreak USA where twice per week you can catch our five-minute broadcast as a part of Daybreak with Rodd and Rae. The new radio segment will highlight the 50th anniversaries of the music we love. 50 years ago we wore fringed leather jackets or go-go boots made for walkin' and it was the time and the season for loving. Stereotypes aside (not that we don't relish in our stereotypes), join us each week to relive 1968 and AM on the Radio.

AM on the Radio and Daybreak USA are now available on

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