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Woodstock Schedule Highlights

The Half-Million Begin to Arrive at Woodstock

August 13, 1969, 7 am - August 15, 1969 - 4 pm

People began to camp-out at Woodstock starting on the 13th. As the date got closer, traffic jams reduced the interstate to a standstill.

Day 1
August 15, 1969 5 pm - August 16, 1969 - 2 am

Richie Havens
August 15, 1969 5:00 pm - August 15, 1969 - 5:30 pm

Havens was asked to play the opening spot at Woodstock after Sweetwater did not arrive on time. Havens would prove a wise choice, in particular, his performance of "Freedom."

Ravi Shankar
August 15, 1969 10 pm - August 15, 1969 - 10:15 pm

Ravi Shankar taught The Beatles' George Harrison to play the sitar on Norwegian Wood. He was a surprise hit at Monterey. Some rain.

Joan Baez
August 16, 1969 1 am - August 16, 1969 - 1:45 AM

Joan Baez provided a relaxing end to a subdued opening day, wishing everyone a Good morning" before beginning her performance. After her performance, the first of the heavy rains came. From then on, any semblance of a schedule was put aside due to the inclement weather. Other acts included Arlo Guthrie, Sweetwater and Tim Harden.

Day 2

August 16, 1969 12:15 pm - August 17, 1969 - 9:30 am

August 16,1969 2 pm - August 16,1969 - 2:30 pm

Santana was largely unknown coming to the exposition, but their performance turned out to be one of the more memorable moments of the festival.

The Grateful Dead
August 16,1969 10:30 pm - August 16, 1969 - 11:45 pm

Canned Heat would provide a valiant performance while The Grateful Dead's was riddled with complications, including a flooded stage and equipment malfunctions that caused the performance to be choppy and not up to the band's standards. Bob Weir said, "It was raining toads when we played."

Jefferson Airplane
August 17,1969 8 am - August 17,1969 - 9:30 am

Jefferson Airplane was one of the biggest bands on the San Francisco music scene. This was a shining moment for them and a bit of a swan song.
Mountain, The Incredible String Band, Creedence Clearwater, Sly and the Family Stone and The Who would also perform, with the Who playing Tommy in its entirety, a performance that was topped at Leeds.

Day 3
August 17, 1969 2 pm - August 18, 1969 - 11:30 am

Joe Cocker
August 17,1969 2 pm - August 17,1969 - 2:45 pm

Joe Cocker was relatively unknown in the States before his performance at Woodstock. His version of The Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends" gained him critical acclaim. After his performance, rain washed out the stage and performances were halted for hours.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, [and Young]
August 18, 1969 3 am - August 18, 1969 - 3:45 am

Crosby, Stills, and Nash are considered by many the "supergroup," with Stills (and Young) coming from the Buffalo Springfield, Crosby from The Byrds and Nash from The Hollies. Woodstock was one of the first times the band played together.
Day 4 (of 3)

Jimi Hendrix
August 18, 1969 9 am - August 18, 1969 - 11 am

While Jimi's performance at Monterey remains his most memorable, it was during this set that he played a rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" which speaks volumes about the times and the expectations of times to come. It is, indeed, a political treatise without words.
Only three bands played on Woodstock's 4th - unscheduled - day (Hendrix, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and oddly, the misplaced Sha-Na-Na. Weather and technical issues delayed many of the sets, with Jimi originally scheduled headline on the night of the 18th. By the time Hendrix appeared on stage, the crowd that had reached as many as 400,000 had dwindled to less than 30,000, which in itself is an interesting commentary about the festival's ideology. Most of the 400,000 had to get back to their workplace routines on Monday, leaving a muddy, litter-scattered field and just 28,000 attendees - among them, of course, was Miles...
- Times listed are actual, not scheduled, times.

What may have been, had the Woodstock 50 plans come to fruition. While the agenda shows that rock is alive and well, only a handful of artists appeared at Woodstock, including John Sebastian, David Crosby, Santana, John Fogerty, Country Joe and the abbreviated Dead. I'm fine, instead, with the legacy intact.

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