Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Abbey Road and The Guardian

I'm not sure why no one is challenging Mark Lewisohn's claims about a Beatles audiotape purportedly proving they were planning an LP after Abbey Road. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Lewisohn reader and have always taken his word as a Beatle scholar, but no one – NO ONE – but Lewisohn and The Guardian have actually heard this tape. I understand marketing and grasping an opportunity when it arises. Obviously, Miles From Nowhere, a novel with Woodstock at its core, got plenty of free publicity for the 50th anniversary of the concert. But I didn’t make anything up, nor did I make any claims that cannot be substantiated. Lewisohn and The Guardian, on the other hand, have made uncorroborated claims that, if there were really a tape, could be easily verified. All we get instead is an article of hearsay, just in time for Lewisohn’s new roadshow, a 21-date UK tour in which Lewisohn will present a two-hour live presentation on all things Abbey Road. I guess in our Trumpian world, truth is only hearsay's pawn. I know this because my cousin's friend knows a man who told a girl on the train… 

Just a call out to The Guardian – let's hear the tape.

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