Thursday, September 26, 2019

Abbey Road Turns 50 Today

The polished arrangements, the crystal clarity of the sound, the performances - all phenomenal, all Abbey Road. From the opening riff of "Come Together," which features Lennon's vocal and lead guitar and Macca’s bass, Abbey Road is rock, blues, funk, vaudeville, all-in-one. 

As for Harrison's "Something," it was Lennon's favorite Beatles song. The lyrics, melody, bassline, tempo change at the bridge, orchestration coupled with George's outstanding vocal and guitar make for a three-minute masterpiece. "Here Comes The Sun" is no less brilliant. 

Paul McCartney's contributions range from the 23 seconds of "Her Majesty" to the sheer emotion of "Oh! Darling."

The Abbey Road Medley, "Sun King," "Mean Mr. Mustard," "Polythene Pam," "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window," "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight," and "The End," represent the Beatles at their best and their last, the songs joined as a seamless whole, a mini pop opera that lead the way for "Band on the Run" and "Bohemian Rhapsody." (Important to note, though, that Jimmy Webb should be given credit for the genre, as well, with the 6-minute + "MacArthur Park," the No. 1 smash by Richard Harris – you may know him as Dumbledore.)

There’s really nothing more to be said. 50 years ago. Still tops. Just go buy it.

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