Monday, October 7, 2019

Elton's Grand Entrance...

As a young boy, Reg Dwight spent five years at the Royal Academy of Music, his natural talent leading him to an audition at which everyone was awestruck. But Elvis and Buddy Holly would change the direction he'd take as a teenager, and then, in 1968, as part of a band called Bluesology, Reg answered an advertisement that read, "Liberty Wants Talent." In the audition for Liberty, he was asked his name and, chose Elton, just because he liked it, and John because of John Lennon. From that, he was handed a stack of hand-scribbled poems by Bernie Taupin and asked that he write the music for them, the most famous among them, "The Border Song," truly classic Elton. And fifty years ago, Elton's first LP, Empty Sky, was released in the U.K., an album that would not be released in America until 1975. Elton's debut, therefore, was his sophomore effort, Elton John, which had three hits in "Take Me To the Pilot," "The Border Song," and most famously, indeed one of the most famous songs of all time, "Your Song," which remains as popular today, if not more so than 50 years ago; the song streamed more than 100,000,000 times on Spotify alone.

In our survey of all things 50 years ago, we're not quite at the Elton John stage; just a side note that this was how it all began.

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