Friday, January 10, 2020

Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles

"It's 50 years since Woodstock. If you were there, they say you won't remember. I remember..."

Miles From Nowhere is a hippie pilgrimage, the journey of a young man in poor health hoping to join the half-million strong. Recovering from kidney failure, Miles is hell-bent on Woodstock. After his father, Miles' transplant donor, succumbs to complications, Miles takes that long trek across the country, from California to New York, but the country gets in the way. In it, he finds love and lust, forgiveness, acceptance, communists, saints and sinners. Spoiler, Miles makes it to Woodstock, but only in time for Hendrix. Like all of us, you know, it's all about the journey.

But what would the journey be without music? The rock 'n' roll of 50 years ago, from Hendrix to the Who to Otis Redding, is like a character in the novel, a soundtrack in words. Travel across the country with Miles and his hippie entourage, all the while singing about the rain and love and peace.

In March this year, RJ Stowell's new novel, Calif., will be released. It's the follow-up to Miles From Nowhere. Get Miles in the meantime!

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