Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Buy The Book

Read the Book! AM, here on the web and on the radio, is sponsored by your patronage through the sale of R.J. Stowell's novel, Miles From Nowhere (and from Jay and the Americans). We've arranged for you to read Miles on Kindle Unlimited FREE, while the Kindle edition for those of you without KU is just $2.99. 

And here's a new offer for a limited time only. Now you can get a personally signed edition of either novel for just $9.99 (plus $2.00 shipping). I will sign the novel to you or a loved one with a personal note. Send an email to this link:


Some of you emailed me about the cover art for Miles. I created the cover with a pen and ink drawing of the landscape. From there, I cartoonized a photo of a VW van and superimposed the peace symbol for the Kindle edition. For the trade paperback, I utilized the cartoon version of the van and created an ink drawing adding watercolor. I scanned the artwork and on the computer added the sun and its rays in the distance. I felt it was important to be hands-on with the cover as well as what was inside. It's the same approach I took with my first published novel, Jay and the Americans, also available from Amazon.

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