Saturday, May 2, 2020

Steal This Book, Instead

In the 60's, Abbie Hoffman's radical tome was called Steal This Book. How about FREE, instead!

Kindle Unlimited is FREE for 30 days! Let's all support each other's writing by downloading our books for FREE!

In Miles From Nowhere, our hero takes a 3000-mile trek across 60's America to see his idol, Jimi Hendrix, at Woodstock. His poor health and America do nothing but get in the way. In Calif., Miles is back, alive and kicking, but it wasn't easy. Here is the rest of Miles' story.

From Amazon:
Calif. is the standalone sequel to Miles From Nowhere. In 1970, Miles is back in California making a go of it, working at a rock club on the coast. While his health is touch and go, the ramifications of a kidney transplant, like all of us, Miles struggles with life, death, love, giants, rock stars, tigers, a wife, a daughter and the double yellow line.

Calif. is what happens when the coming of age tale has ended, when the California realities set in and the fantasy that was Woodstock is only a memory.

Calif. is available on Amazon and for your Kindle. Read it free on Kindle Unlimited.
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