Monday, January 11, 2021

Buy This Book - Calif.

You're here at AM because you love rock 'n' roll. In a time of turmoil and division, music is one of those cures that allow us to talk again. At AM, we're not about politics; there are enough websites and radio shows to do that - we're all about what we share, the music.

AM is supported by your readership and the sales of R.J. Stowell's rock-filled novels, Miles From Nowhere, and Calif.

With each page of Calif. you'll discover the world of rock 50 years ago. If you were there, you get to relive it. If you weren't, you get the experience for the first time. It's a win-win situation.

Calif., the standalone sequel to Miles From Nowhere is now available on Amazon for just $9.99 and also available for your Kindle at $4.99.

And remember, you can read Calif. FREE on your Kindle with Kindle Unlimited, which is free for the first month. Read all your faves, from Lord of the Rings to Jane Austen to Harry Potter for just a small fee per month.

In Miles From Nowhere, our hero takes a 3000-mile trek across 60's America to see his idol, Jimi Hendrix, at Woodstock. His poor health and America do nothing but get in the way. In Calif., Miles is back, alive and kicking, but it wasn't easy. Here you'll find the rest of Miles' story.

Get your signed copy of each for just $12.00 including shipping by sending an email to When you do, a Paypal invoice will be generated.

Or click here for Amazon.

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