Sunday, May 2, 2021

Leave Me Alone

AM's 80s pilgrimage, Peter Saville, of course, leads us to New Order. His cover art for Power, Corruption and Lies is among the most iconic ever created. Recently I listed my favorite pop singles, from "Bennie and the Jets" to "Ventura Highway." My radio faves are far from my intrinsic ones (I love them nonetheless). But, now that we're on to New Order, I can truly say that my favorite all-time 100% most favorite-ist track is NO's "Leave Me Alone." My unfinished novel, Lady Jane, about a has-been pop star from the 60s, uses NO’s song title as a fictitious hit for Lady Jane, circa 1967. Just a bit of a tribute to a song that for 40 years now, along with Peter Gabriel's "Humdrum" and Pet Shop Boys' "It Couldn't Happen Here," has been in constant rotation on my turntable.
Playing Anton Corbijn a little (DM’s Strange video), I decided to create a short film for my favorite 80s track – so here you go… (Here's the link: Leave Me Alone)

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